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Month: May, 2009

With little uncle’s family

Saw the family for the first in 16 years.

With cheon sang


Hong Ik Kim

After breakfast we walked up a hill nearby.


Vegemil A

That’s right.



Metal spoon

Sesame oil

Gochujang tube

On the doorway past the boarding gate

Korean air dinner


This is right in front of the place I’m moving to.

This guy is so awesome that…

someone made a statue of him and his 1867 chevy camero.

Oakland day 1

On the radio…

Raining buckets

Sorry dropped the f word there. I think most will agree the occasion called for it.

Two unlikely gangstas

Somehow this picture makes me think the world is not such a bad place after all.

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Buff restaurant

Really good toast. I had Atlantic omelette which had smoked salmon and creamy cheese. Highly recommended.

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More cowbells!!!1!

Naropa backyard

Naropa mural

Pearl street

“Ghost of Kerouac, I’ve got the perfect name for the writing school.”

Took this pic at naropa library.

Small jar cup

I picked up drinking Out of glass jars from andy. A jar is superior to a mere mortal cup, whose contents are subject to Newtonian forces. Jars are simply heroic nature, distinguishing themselves by their stern stance on spilt liquids. Some jars have been known to bench press 300 pounds. And I am about to drink from this jar a holy boulder water.

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driving where I hitchhiked

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