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Month: July, 2009

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Update 7/12

Things are going pretty well.

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They’ll teach you to grow pot.

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Dandelion Dreams

My dandelion
in the hearth
of the Winter earth,
solemn in prayer
till birds from South return,
to welcome Spring
and life.

My dandelion
innocent and pretty
in yellow and white
for the world to smile.

My baby dandelion,
letting go what is not hers,
and accepting which
rightly belongs.

My dear dandelion
in a brief chance breeze,
eighty-seven dandelion dreams,
each with tiny little white parachute,
paint the blue evening sky.

Her dandelion dreams
like little white faeries
out of focus,
carrying our hopes
and childhood memories
to a strange new land.

my dearest autumn dandelion
in the evening field
of a summer dream,
where the old stand straight again,
where the young find truth
and where¬†children don’t ever have to cry.

-A tribute to a dandelion I met during my transcontinental drive 06/2009.


Crazy something

In Response to Last Saturday Night.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Oakland,

Before I say anything else, I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you in the ED this weekend. It’s not everyday that I get to fix up scalp lacerations, and I got to stitch up two scalp lacs. Quiet nicely for an intern, I would have to say. Thank you.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to run trauma codes, and I am glad that no one of you had irreversible injuries or … expired.

Now I know that I was very slow to begin with, but the young gentleman patient was a bit too quick to judge how I was too slow to assess his serious condition.

Well, excuse me, sir. I did warn you not to get shot, stabbed, or generally get hurt badly, didn’t I?

I know that mine was a satirical letter design to entertain others and also console my soul, and also that you didn’t come there out of your own volition.

Sirs and Madams, I was not trauma intern on my first month out of my own volition.

Since you couldn’t do anything to get out of that situation, I think you would best understand the situation that I was in: I am supposed to take care of you whether you believe me to be a competent doctor or not.

Please believe me when I say, “I am as competent as July interns come. To have me, you are as lucky as a star in a constellation with friend stars and not like that forgotten star, all alone up in a dark hole of distant and sobbing little space dust every night.”

Again, thank you so much for breaking in my trauma virginity. I was scared, but you made it worth the fear and pain.

Let’s do it again two weekends from now.

Resuscitatively yours,

Do you need a hair cut or is your hair really happy to see me?

Well? Which is it?