A Letter to July Oakland

by Harijan

Dear Oakland,

I know that another beautiful July weekend is here. I also know that you are enjoying it because I counted 6 trauma codes before 6pm today.

I am writing because I understand that receiving an excellent trauma care is your goal. As you may know already, Highland Hospital is one of nation’s best trauma center, so I know you expect nothing but the best of trauma care.

Please remember that tomorrow, yours truly will be on call for the trauma resuscitation surgeon. I am actually the first of the intern to do this among my colleagues. I am as green as we’ll ever be.

Please refrain from driving, shooting, falling, drinking too much, drugs beyond your ability to protect your body, etc. Otherwise, we may meet under very unfortunate circumstances… for instance, you bleeding from some orifice and me wetting my pants in the middle of the emergency room.

If we must meet, let’s meet sometime in early Spring next year. I’ll be ready to provide the excellent care that you deserve.

Cliffs: Nothing but the best. Just not tomorrow.