Aram Harijan

Much ado about nothing

Month: August, 2009



Winnemucca lake

Stream to round top lake

I drank this water. It was cold and delicious.

Ice tube

ice tube


Virginia City Drive 1

Virginia City Drive 2

Virginia City Drive 3

Awesome tree #54

Out of 35424 awesome trees we saw today

Don’t let the scenery fool you.

There is no air.



Sam’s notes 1

Sam’s notes notes 2

Reno sky is always pretty

Hotel room.

They let me come in an hour later than usual.


No wine for me

On call. No alcohol. No food. No bathroom breaks.

Hello. I’m too busy. Bye

I don’t get to say hello these days. Not even on the phone.

My nuts.

Are you looking at them?

Goin to work earlier and earlier

It should be the other way around.

Moon coming out from the clouds

Die Young.jpg

From the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius – Live hard; die young.