A Friendship Prayer

by Harijan

Dear Providence,

I pray for a friendship true.

In meeting a stranger, grant me the generosity of heart
to accept each person for whom he or she is.
In our acquaintance, guide us to be honest but also to be gentle.
For our company, let our expectation be none other than that of the blessed presence of each other.
And let us enrich our presence through good desires of the heart and the deeds of the hands.
Let them be fruitful as they bring us happiness.

In our journey, help us to be patient, and
to be understanding of each other’s weaknesses.
When we fault in our ways, may we courageously and graciously accept each other’s criticism.
If the road gets weary, give me the strength to carry my brother’s burden on my back.
If the weather is unwelcoming, please provide a shelter befitting the merit of our journey and the labor of our steps.
Without jealousy, let us welcome new friends into our journey.

If we must part, let it be not for boredom, foolishness, or arrogance;
but let us part for the pursuit of our individual destiny; and
To say without tears, “my friend, this is my way.
“I will miss you so. Let us meet again, God willing.”

And if it is your will, let us enjoy this brief moment we call life together a little longer;
At the end of the road, we will say, “For the Lord has been kind to allow us, together, to grow.”
Where our mortal bodies lay in dirt, may two brotherly trees provide a resting shade
to traveling friends – for a millenia to follow.