Kup Fu Breakdown

by Harijan

Step 1: Greet coffee head, Load cup onto platform with both hands. Dump sugar and milk into cup, if asked
Step 2: Grab grinder with left hand; scoop and load beans into grinder with right hand
Step 3 (optional): Grab filter with left hand. Open filter and load with right hand (can be skipped if done before coffee head arrives)
Intermission: Go do something else while customer grinds beans
Step 4: Take grinder with left hand. Unscrew top with right hand.
Step 5: Dump ground into filter with left hand. Tap grinder bottom with right hand.
Step 6: Put grinder back together and put it back to its spot
Step 7: Grab kettle with right hand and support with left.
Intermission: let coffee drip. Multitask
Step 8:(If sugar/milk, stir with spoon (right hand) while holding cup with left hand.)Look customer in the eye and nod. Push the cup platform forward.
Step 9: After customer takes cup from platform, reset platform position with both hands.
Step 10: Repeat steps 1-9 until end of day.