by Harijan


Night Sky at Tuolumne Meadows - from NPS website

In a dream, I found myself walking through a landscape most beautiful. There under an afternoon tree shade, I looked down the grassy hill and saw two old souls walking side by side.

Alone and desiring company, I jumped down from one rock to another and yelled, “Hello!”

Pausing, two old men turned around – two old faces with old smile lines. They looked yonder mountains beyond mountains and waited patiently for my impatient stroll.

“Hi, my name is Aram.”

The older replied, “mine’s Issac and this is Albert.”

In the way dreams are funny, I thought nothing of this chance encounter except for the joy of their company.

All autumn afternoon long, we walked through fields of sweet, wild flowers. The two took turns pointing to things to which I gave not attention before.

With the setting glow of the Sun, the blue turned a shade purple. The evening sky waltzed gracefully to the rise of constellation. We sat on a dry patch of grass and stared at the infinite wonder of space.

As the moon rose to the center stage, I fought unsuccessfully a yawn and smiled sheepishly.

“Young man, I think it’s time for you to return to your bed,” teased Albert.

Knowing I couldn’t stay, I remained in my silence.

“We liked having you this afternoon, but it’s really not for you to stay,” added Issac, “at least not now.”

With those words, I remembered the warmth of haven against the chill of the night. Slowly, I stood up and shook each hand in gratitude.

“Thank you for the company.”

“You are very welcome,” said Issac.

“Say hello to the baby for me,” winked Albert.

“What baby?”

I woke up in my bed, cold. I covered myself back with the comforter and waited for the warmth to return.

As pleasant dreams are wont to do, I fell back asleep hoping again to return to that wondrous time and place.