Singularitarian’s creed

by Harijan

Singularitarian’s Creed

Understanding that there is no penalty to my misdirection except having squandered the privileges and talents given to me in this brief chance at Life, I promise to observe the following creed to the best of my ability and due diligence.

Whereas the events which are about to unfold in our generation has never occurred in human history, I will do my best to understand and prepare for the challenges to come with the abundance of our times.

Whereas we will create objects with autonomous behavior, I promise not to make things which will harm or kill another human being – intentionally or unintentionally.

Whereas we will create objects made to benefit all humankind, I will perform my due diligence to teach these objects to be polite and deferential to any sentient being.

Whereas our creations will have to obey the principles of thermodynamics, I will wreck my brain to minimize the cost of entropy on this planet in its creation, maintainance, and destruction.

In as so much as it is impossible to understand what happens beyond the singularity of our time, I do most solemnly promise to spend my life in ways harmonious with the existence of human life on this planet as to leave our children our Earth better than I found for myself at my own birth.

Furthermore and whereas our privileged children will one day be given the same tasks as I am given, I will try to instill in them a sense of wonderful mystery of existence, and also, to help them learn and pass on the lessons and experiences of our ancestors to their own children as I try to do so myself.

To all this, I promise to to the penalty of dying in regret, of otherwise having wasted this precious life in vain, to uphold the principles outlined in this creed for the benefit of human beings who have lived, are living, and will come to live – including those to come beyond singularity.