What is a Human Being?

by Harijan

What is a human being?

Well, who’s asking?

To a door, a human being is an animal with opposable thumb with a desire to compartmentalize spaces for various needs (social, enviromental, etc). It also cares that our wrist pronates and supinates. It also knows that we like to pull on handles and push on plates.

To a capitalist, a human being is a laborer whose time can be used to leverage the economy of scale.

To a politician, a human being is a vote.

To a benevolent politician, a human being is a voice.

In the kingdom of life, a human being is a parasitic/symbiotic mammal that’s on top of the food chain.

To virus, it’s a host.

To the planet, it’s a fierce single species of mammal that found dangerous, as well as creative and constructive, ways to will the powers and elements of the nature.

To the Universe, we’re a hope in 14.5 billion years in making – to oppose entropy and make the Universe more beautiful than it already is.


But the most important question is this:

What is a human being to you?

What does your answer say about yourself?