Cosmos the Magician and the Greatest Cosmological Trick EVER.

by Harijan

The fun of magic is in the mystery in the appearance of impossible.

It’s one thing to be awed at something we think should be impossible. It’s another thing altogether to figure out how the magician pulled it off.

To know how magic works doesn’t take the fun away! If we figure out another guy’s trick, then it allows us to perform “magic,” too.

All of applied science is this. Nature is a mysterious magic, but when you figure out its trick, then you get to mess with it and do awesome things.

Like building a fire, keep the saber tooth tigers away at night, surf the ocean seas, build the biggest depository of human knowledge, talk to someone over a thousand miles away like they are right next to you, fly like a bird, spin atoms in a giant magnetic tunnel and smash them together and giggle.

The Biggest Trick of Life, Cosmos, and Everything we have yet to figure out is the illusion of time.

The picture is from Hubble Deep Field North.

When we look into the infinity of space, we see the oldest of galaxies – the smallest, faintest, red dots – back when the Cosmos was not even billion years ago.

The paradox of light-time is that we never see the true essence the Cosmos. The smallest reddest dot, that’s what a galaxy looked like 13 billion years ago.

Those small red dots, they definitely don’t look like that NOW.

In fact, the only thing close to realtime are the things that we see on Earth, other objects in orbit around the Sun, and the surface of the Sun.

But the Sun, It lies, too.

The light that begins at its CORE takes AT LEAST 10,000 years to reach its SURFACE and flies for 8 minutes to reach Earth. If the core stops its nuclear fusion process today, the Sun’s still going to shine for another 10,000 years – more like 500,000 years.

The nearest stars we can see with bare eyes are Alpha Centauri, A/B and Proxima. That’s if we lived in the southern hemisphere.

Those stars are 4 light years away – and we are only seeing their surface conditions. We’ve no idea what’s going on inside. We think the Sun will go on for the next four billion years because that’s what stars appear to do. And we have been watching stars with scrutiny for only 400 years.

We’re just assuming that Comos works in a reasonable way, but sometimes it does some spooky things to prove Einstein wrong – like dark matter, dark energy, lack of observable black holes nearby, etc.

The nightsky, it’s a Cosmological Magic. Don’t believe anything you see.

Truth lies beyond its appearances.

Who knows, maybe there really is a Prankster God beyond Big Bang Horizon rolling on the Holy Floor laughing Its Belly Button off, outside of Time, while watching the telescope monkeys scratch their heads.

We’re going to find this Thing, and IT’s going to have a lot of explainin’-to-do.

Then again, it’s most likely gonna be this thing we figure out about space-time-matter and say, “Duh… of course it is!” and feel stupid for believing the whole damn trick.

The ramification of understanding gravitation is that human being will be able to do godlike-things. It’s not about traveling to another galaxy.

The reason we need to figure out gravitation is so we can build levitating hover boards!