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Much ado about nothing

Month: March, 2012

Introspectionless vampire bullshit

I’ll tell you what human suffering is good for.

Human suffering is good for introspection and introspection is good for the mind and it’s good for the mouth.

The more one thinks the more one shuts up his mouth and the more a writer shuts his mouth the more he thinks before he write about the subject for which he has no idea how to begin describing the thing he doesn’t know how to discuss.

Two generations of absolutely original writers bled for their words and we don’t know anything about suffering and no amount of complaining is going to make us look like heroes. Here.

Lost generation: Hemingway, Fitzgerald

Beat generation: Kerouac, Ginsberg

So instead of Old Man and the Sea, we have some fantastical magical thinking vampire books void of style and content and Ernie would tell you that all that blood is a waste and better spent transfusing soldiers on the battlefield and that he hates the war but he hate even more the nothing-new way of the words of our generation and he will admit that his lost generation had found what they were looking for while he accuses us of being truly lost without a cause and without an excuse to divorce the consciousness that makes us human.

Yeah. Ernie would say something like that.

I tell you what those four guys are all rolling in their graves begging God for another world war but no it’s too crazy to say anything politically incorrect so I’m not going to say anything about it but just think about it in my lonely cottage in Cambria because this is the only sanctuary left for jive turkeys and wild ghosts of the disembodied poets.

Forgetabahit. I’m going down to Mozzi’s to find that crazy supernatural syntactic soup of thought crying inbetween the outer space and elephant seals.

No, you can’t come. 😛


The Mystery of the Flower Sermon

Love is the consequence of recognizing beauty.

Beauty is the consequence of recognizing the truth.

Recognition of the truth is the consequence of mindless observation.

Mindless observation is the consequence of openness to the moment.

Openness to the moment is the consequence of selflessness.

Thus, selflessness is the origin of love.


Mahakasyapa watched the flower. He was selfless in the moment. He saw the flower as from its origin to its death and saw the truth of its entire existence. This truth became an appreciation of its beauty – that which came not from the flower but from within Mahakasyapa’s inner self. The love of the flower was outwardly expressed by his gentle smile. Mahakasyapa was enlightened to the mystery of the flower in Sakyamuni’s hand.

This is how Sakyamuni recognized Mahakasyapa’s selfless inner state from the outward smile.