The Mystery of the Flower Sermon

by Harijan

Love is the consequence of recognizing beauty.

Beauty is the consequence of recognizing the truth.

Recognition of the truth is the consequence of mindless observation.

Mindless observation is the consequence of openness to the moment.

Openness to the moment is the consequence of selflessness.

Thus, selflessness is the origin of love.

Mahakasyapa watched the flower. He was selfless in the moment. He saw the flower as from its origin to its death and saw the truth of its entire existence. This truth became an appreciation of its beauty – that which came not from the flower but from within Mahakasyapa’s inner self. The love of the flower was outwardly expressed by his gentle smile. Mahakasyapa was enlightened to the mystery of the flower in Sakyamuni’s hand.

This is how Sakyamuni recognized Mahakasyapa’s selfless inner state from the outward smile.