The Lesson of World War I against SkyNet.

by Harijan

It was really the internal combustion engine and crude oil that made World War I.

Internal combustion engine: 1700’s +/- 100 years.
Worldwide availability of crude oil: 1850s
First Flight: 1903
First Ford Model T: 1908
15 million young men that perished in World War I: 1914-1918

That is the role of technology.

Technology makes impossible things possible.

When we mixed dreams with technology, we flew like birds.

When we mixed desire with technology, we travelled faster than any animal could do.

But we mixed greed with technology then flew like birds and travelled across the globe to kill 15 million young men.

Apparently, we still haven’t learned our lesson as a species.

The latest technology to develop – internet, robotics and artificial intelligence – could help all of humanity out of poverty. Instead, we built these drone things that kill people. We’ve built an arm and a wing for SkyNet.

Why are we building robots that kill people? It’s almost like the status quo wants humanity to become enslaved by the coming of “hard” artificial intelligence.

We gotta stop making human-killing hands for the future of AI. Instead we need to build human-helping hands.

You can’t enslave people with Roomba.

It’s the truth.