Few thoughts on Whales and Petroleum

by Harijan


(Whit Welles @ wiki media. CC 3.0)

I love whales. ❤ Whales are totally awesome.

If you look in the history of whaling, the biggest reason for why humans have killed whales was the demand for whale oil.

(Kurzon @ wiki media. CC 3.0)

(Kurzon @ wiki media. CC 3.0)

This was useful fuel for night lamps, before the age of electricity. While the 21st century US citizens are the moral embodiments of whale protection, it was not always so.


(Kurzon @ wiki media. CC 3.0) – Important to note the rise and fall of whale oil importation. The decline in the second half of 1800s coincides with increasing extraction of petroleum oil.

People who love whales should thank the greedy people who raped the land and squeezed the oil out of it. Like Standard Oil Company (est 1870).


(wiki media. CC 3.0) – Standard Oil Company later becomes the evil that is EXXON-MOBIL. Names don’t matter though. It was Rockefeller family.

Thank you, Standard Oil, for saving the whales from extinction.

Oh, and please refrain yourselves from being trolled. This is not the end of this line of thought.