Breaking thru the membrane.

by Harijan

What was it you once dreamed of? Where are you going to go to find this? And how are you going to ever get there? If not in the Now, ever present.

It is somehow too natural for us to be static and immovable in our psyche. We cling on to the narrow band of experiences and thoughts, and relegate ourselves to this thin sliver of the grander reality that for lack of a better name some have called God. We make so little of the truth that is so many dimensions higher than our consciousness allows comprehension. That I think is unfaithfulness.

And on this cold day of Korea, I am alone but also with everything and everyone. We look away from the pain, but we cannot close the eyes from the light that shines from within. The soul is the life, not only of this body, but of the whole of Existence. It’s the everlove.

All extremes of emotions are illusions. Always, there is sadness deeper than sadness and love greater than love.

Our experiences are limitless.

Photo on 12-7-14 at 10.51 AM #2